Ferraris Elettronica S.r.l.

The Company

Since more than 20 years we design electronics
and software for industrial automation

Ferraris Elettronica is expert in the field of digital electronics, software and industrial automation, with professional skills, due to many different technical experiences and in several application fields.
The experience we have, allows us to solve industrial automation problems like integration of different devices, data collection and analysis, motion control, new technologies and specific designs.
The continuos update to the newest technologies and products from all over the world, places us on the leading edge, in this rapidly evolving field.

Our experience is particuralry focused in the following areas:

dot Design, construction, test and installation of hardware and software components, from simple boards to advanced, multiprocessor based systems.

dot Design and implementation of real time operating systems and real time multitasking control software. Device drivers and applications for the major operating systems.

dot Consultancy on automation problems, with good knowledge of electronics, electric and mechanical solutions. Feasibility studies, and consultancies on commercial products and their applications.

dot Design and implementation of user interfaces for automation systems, creating special software or programming available tools.

Some applications:

dotOur Boards are used as a measuring machine control, by the company General Logic S.r.l. that provides the full software control and measuring system

dotWe developed the cell supervisor software for the automated factory of refrigerators at Susegana(TV) Italy, on a CPS32 computer in "C" Language. Customer: Olivetti SY.F.A.

dotHardware and software design of boards based on microprocessor of the CPU32 and PowerPC family, used to connect cellular phones and GPS to cars board instrumentation and to offer advanced features to the users.
Customers: Soft-In - Beinasco(TO) - Italy, Motorola gmbh - Wiesbaden - Germany, Motorola inc. - Northbrook(Chicago) - USA.

dotDesign of a CPU board for industrial applications based on the XA microprocessor (Philips).
Customer: S.I.C.M.E. Elettronica - Torino - Italy.

dotDesign and production of several axis control boards dedicated and general purpose. With special designed algorithms or using dedicated controllers. The latest of these designs are: AX4, AX2 and e-Motion System.
Customers: Kinomat SpA - Milan - Italy and several other customers are currently using these products.

dotDevelopment of data acquisition and control for test machines, based on microprocessors of the 68k family in assembler and "C" language. The Customer installed such systems in major car manufacturer's production lines. Like FIAT, CITROEN, WOLKSWAGEN, VOLVO, FORD and others.
Customer: COMAU - Torino - Italy.

dotDesign and test of a high resolution high speed video acquisition system on VME bus for thermographic applications, with a 12bit resolution at 20Mhz acquisition rate, and complete automatic adaptation of offsets and gains. Another project in the same field, was the design of a PC board able to make different hardware computation on four indipendent video channels. The results were sent to an array of fast DSPs for further processing. This board have been used as a front end processor in web analysis applications and for quality control.
Customer: SCRIBA - Torino - ITALY.

dotDevelopment of VxD, and DLL to interface an axis control board to a control program running under windows '95/'98. Development of kernel mode device driver for the same and other applications under Windows NT 3.52 e 4.0. Development of Linux installable modules.
Several Customers: Xtrol Company - Yehud - Israel, Microsystems - Milano - Italy, and others.

dotDevelopment of a driver and user interface program for Coordinate Measuring Machines. The software have been developed under Windows 3.11 e '95, and after ported to NT.
Customer: COORD-3

dotDesign of several dedicated boards with and without processor on different system busses, like Q-BUS, ISA, PCI, VME, G64, STD, PC104 and others.

dotDevelopment of operator interface and driver for ultrasound, non destructive test machines. This program allows the user to set up the scanning parameters and to display or print the results in graphical format with colour coded defects intensity. The program is written in "C++" for Windows.
Customer: ISO.TEST Engineering - Reano(TO) - ITALY.